It all started when…


Throughout her whole life, Mandy has always carried a pen and journal book. This was where she expressed her deepest emotions and thoughts through writing them out. The act of writing has always made her feel hopeful.

Mandy Calligraphy started as a natural hobby in 2014, when she began to write with a dip pen and ink. Later in September 2015, Mandy had the opportunity to calligraph a set of wedding stationery for her friend's wedding. This was the first of many weddings!

Based out of Toronto, Mandy is calligrapher and designer known for her elegant modern style. She calligraphs beautiful stationery for her clients, believing handwritten calligraphy is the perfect marriage of the visual arts and human language. From creating custom branding designs for small yet mighty businesses, to  hand-lettering breathtaking signage for newly weds, to collaborating on styled shoots with a team of creatives, to doing live calligraphy for corporate events - Mandy's calligraphy is not only an art form, but a lifestyle. 

Mandy's work has taken her to be a part of many bridal shows and collaborations such as The National Bridal Show 2016, The Doctor's House Bridal Open House February 2017 and September 2017, and various beautiful styled shoots - some of which were featured on WedLuxe, Event Source.  and Wedding Chicks.

When Mandy is not  calligraphing, she is found sipping cappuccinos at coffee shops, taking a "detour" to explore the city, and spending time with friends and family.