write mindfully.

live passionately.



Mandy Calligraphy is a boutique studio specializing in mindfulness workshops, custom stationery, and on-site calligraphy services.


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In the 2 hour session, students will learn about some of Mandy's favourite tools, how to hold the pen, form letters, and compose words. There are limited seats because she will be taking the time to guide each participant. This class is designed for beginners so no experience are required. Since this is a creative journey, a curated starter kit will be provided to each participant so they can keep practicing at home.

Mandy Calligraphy's boutique studio will have everything ready including all material and a coffee bar, so come empty-handed and leave fully rested, inspired, and empowered.




Find rest, inspiration and empowerment through mindfulness calligraphy workshops.



Custom designed stationery to make your wedding or business unforgettable.



Hire Mandy for your next brand promotion or PR event. Past clients include: Dolce & Gabbana and Manuscript Pen Company.


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